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Just noting that I am working on a complete redesign / rewrite of the game over at the beta - go
check it out!

1/16/2014 - 2.109

-Changed the way upgrades are hidden to a simpler method due to the better one not wanting to ever work

1/16/2014 - 2.108

-Fixed javascript problem w/ making upgrades display

1/16/2014 - 2.107

-Fixed more than one upgrade being unhidden essentially breaking the page after it
-Hopefully the final update aiming to fix the production/upgrades section

1/16/2014 - 2.106

-Fixed one small typo that was preventing the Upgrades section from being visible

1/16/2014 - 2.105

-Production/upgrade section now can be made visible properly, and the section text for each always shows

1/16/2014 - 2.104

-Production/upgrade section now only appears on hovering
-Fixed save load bug w/ some sales building price calculation

1/15/2014 - 2.100

-New statistic added for all buildings bought (Generation, Sales & Production combined)
-New version number format

1/15/2014 - 2.09d

-Analytics tweaks
-'Ugh, I really don't care about Analytics updates.' Oh yes you do

1/14/2014 - 2.09b

-Analytics bugfix

1/14/2014 - 2.09

-Fixed bug where coders' speed wouldn't update until the game speed was toggled.

1/14/2014 - 2.08

-Autoclicker cost now updates as it should from coders adding them
-Analytics tweaks

1/14/2014 - 2.07c

-Analytics tweak

1/13/2014 - 2.07b

-Google Analytics added

1/13/2014 - 2.07

-Upgrade buttons are hidden on load better
-Two new statistics for all-time stock sold and stock made
-New achievement for time played

1/13/2014 - 2.06b

-Stupid mistake eradicated.

1/13/2014 - 2.06

-Title issue fixed
-Tweaked achievement text

1/13/2014 - 2.05

-Two more achievements added based on time played

1/13/2014 - 2.04

-First achievement added

1/13/2014 - 2.03

-Timer stat now saves!
-First achievement coming soon!

1/11/2014 - 2.02

-Advertisement added! (you're welcome)
-Timer added!

1/11/2014 - 2.01b

-Fixed missing line breaks
-NJTV home button should be fixed

1/11/2014 - 2.01

-Statistics and Achievements, hoorah!
-Self-clicks counter re-added under Statistics.
-Two new messages up top added for self-clicks

1/9/2014 - 2.00

-Hopefully destroyed save load bug
-Even more main section cleanup
-Woahmahgawsh two point oh

1/9/2014 - 1.99

-Still chasing down save load bug
-Cleaned up main section some more

1/9/2014 - 1.98

-Attempted save load bugfix
-Cleaned up main section look
-Tooltip changes for click/sell buttons
-Self-clicks stat removed temp; statistics section coming up for it.

1/8/2014 - 1.97

-Autosaving added
-New upgrade for autoclickers: Increased Click Rate
-Some tooltip changes for options stuff
-Added link to this page and the bugs/suggestions forum thread