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Generation 0/4
Stock: 0
Money: 0

Stock/second: 0 (net: 0)
Sales/second: 0

Bonus box!
There will be bonuses here later!
Sales 0/4
Production 0/2

Are you sure?
Upgrades 0/16
Stock made: 0
Stock sold: 0
Self-clicks: 0
Time wasted: 00:00:00
Buildings (Total): 0
Achievements 1/10
Starting Up: Played the game. "The original testchievement."
Minute to Lose it: Played for a minute. "Failure to click in the alloted time will result in: elimination."
Powerless Hour: Played for an hour. "Power Level: < 0"
Twenty Four: Played for a day. "Boop, beep, boop, beep, boop."
Achievement Get: Get an achievement. "Sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department."
Industrialist: Unlock all Generation. "Amentem a machina,"
Marketer: Unlock all Sales. "You followin' me, player guy?"
Manufacturer: Unlock all Production. "The universe has now turned into various bullcrap, to the molecular level."
Tinkerer: Unlock all Upgrades. "Upgrading clickers that click with clicks to help you get more clickers that click."
Completionist: Unlock everything. "And now your life is even less complete."
-New Sales: Department Store
v1.2.50 [BETA]
-New Generation: Fabricator
-Some price tweaks

v1.2.40 [BETA]
-Money Boost is now more generous if you have under 100, but over 30 money
-It'd be awesome if you went and suggested some stuff for the game
-New system for checking per-second stuff
-Fixed random number generator for bonuses (and since it was the same for everything else, everything else too)
-Fixed bug w/ bonuses
-The two newest upgrades now have names/descriptions
-Added two more bonuses
-Fixed Money Boost bug
v1.2.20 [BETA]
-Working on bonuses, probably really broken, but wont hurt anything
-Page is now much more fluid and responsive - supports all resolutions far better
-Added 2 new upgrades
-New changelog version listing
-Fixed Expand on Hover bug w/ upgrades
-Added Expand on Hover option to toggle building/upgrade/achievement info always display as opposed to only on mouse hover

-Production-generated buildings now are separate to player-bought buildings, will not affect building price and can no longer be sold
-Raised price of production buildings, their upgrades, and the printer/factory combo upgrades
-Font size is now larger for section titles
-Added beta link to main site
-Fixed minor bug with loading upgrade counter

-Fixed save load bug w/ autosaving
-Advertisements added (you know you love 'em!)
-Top Text added (more lines will be added later)
-Money is now tracked in title, too
Development 04
-Added More button to changelog for older listings
-Saving now saves everything
-New production & 2 new upgrades added
-All prices now start out with commas
-Autosaving added after much procrastination
-New achievement
-Top Text readied for to-be-added messages

Development 03
-Sell button added for buildings
-Building information now slides down smoothly (jQuery is epic)
-Page now scrolls down when you open changelog (you probably noticed)
-Saving now saves game settings, all statistics, and by extension, statistic-related achievements

Development 02
-Upgrades & achievements hide/appear smoothly now
-Changelog now toggled w/ button (you pressed it to see this)

-Changelog is somewhat taller
-More compatible with Google Drive (Page is now only kinda aesthetically-broken there)
-Decimal Places toggle button added
Development 01
-First changelog-listed version
-All purchasables completed, including three new ones
-Achievements & statistics ready
-About 4 or so new upgrades
-Saving in the works, currently saves buildings & money/stock
-+50% more organized, +100% more functional & less buggy, +500% more awesome-looking